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Visitor Toolbox™ Features

All-in-one solution for greater visitor experiences in Museums, Visitor Centers, i-Sites, Showrooms, Exhibitions and Receptions.

Cloud database + backup
All of your content is stored in a secure database on our cloud service or hosted on a service of your choice.

Offline support with sync
All of our products are shipped with offline support and online sync. Easily bring your product on the road.

Content Management System
Add, remove, edit and preview the content of your digital displays with an easy to use Content Management System.

Multi-language capability
With the help of Google Translate visitors from all over the world can experience your story in a language of their choosing.

Platform independency
Visitor Toolbox™ works in Mac OS and Windows environment for maximum platform support.

Feed your content to the web and other applications with the help of our full REST API.

Customisable multi-touch apps
Your content is presented on Multi-touch displays with the help of our ready-to-go Multi-touch Apps.

Multi-app support
Let visitors select which Multi-touch App they are interested in and switch between apps on the same display.

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Key benefits

Ready to-go apps

Story Timeline
The Story Timeline is the perfect way to tell your story from the beginning to today. With the timeline visitors can travel back in time to look at historic photos and films as well as learn more about people or important events.
Map Explorer
The Map Explorer is the perfect starting point for exploring your surroundings. Up to four persons can use the interactive map at the same time, discover points of interest and learn more about for example the city or area.
Knowledge Browser
In the Knowledge Browser your visitors are able to dig deeper into themes of their interest with a high resolution image gallery, short films or custom made interactive material.
Tourist Map
The Tourist Map is an interactive map that is perfect compliment to any visitor center to let visitors to gather local information on where to go, what to do and who to contact to plan their stay in the area.

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Case study: Stenstan Visitor Center

Interactive exhibition

Travel back in time to the great city fire of 1888 in Sundsvall, Sweden. Learn about historical figures, look at architectural drawings of the beautiful stone houses and experience the reconstruction of an industrial city where 600 houses where built in six years.

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"With the visitor toolbox as our platform, we can use our fundings to create new innovative visitor experiences instead of rebuilding the same core functionality over and over again."

Maria Åslin

Chief Executive, Stenstan Visitor Center